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Our address is 391 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. You can call us on 0114 266 8994.

If you know the area it might be easier to say we are between Starbucks and Fat Face.

If you rely on sat-nav like I do, then the postcode is S11 8PG.

And, if you just want to see a map, here you go: (there should be an arrow where the shop is, but it sometimes doesn’t appear – ask google! Click ‘view larger map’ and it always works).
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make a day of it

mookau is only a short walk from Sheffield’s superb Botanical Gardens, which are well worth a wander around.

Ecclessall Road is also the best place in Sheffield to visit independent shops and restaurants. You’ll find a fabulous array of amazing things for sale that you just won’t find in chain stores, with a level of customer service a shopping centre will never match.

As well as visiting mookau, you might also want to shop with some of our friends nearby:

Cocoa – our favourite chocolate shop

Fancie Cupcakes – truly amazing cupcakes

Nonnas – Italian dining at it’s best – and most breast-feedng friendly restaurant in Sheffield

Barney Goodman Tailors – the Sheffield tailoring legends (and our neighbours) will be online soon

more computers – actually they’re internet only, but they are just around the corner, and I wondered if they would notice us in their incoming links :-)

Chain stores
Bang and Olufsen – if you all come and buy lots and lots of things at mookau, I might be able to get me one of their lovely looking televisions one day!

Fat Face, Sheffield

White Stuff, Sheffield

    #1 written by SAMRAH AKHTAR 5 years ago

    Hi. I am enquiring as to whether you have any job vacancies available?. I have some background sales experience however I would like to expand on this and gain more skills.
    I am available to work any time.
    Please do not hesistate to contact me.
    Thank you.

    • Nick
      #2 written by Nick 5 years ago

      Hi Samrah

      We don’t currently have any vacancies I’m afraid. Good luck with your search.


  • Joshua Haigh
    #3 written by Joshua Haigh 4 years ago

    Hi, just wondering if any vacancies available?

    • Nick
      #4 written by Nick 4 years ago

      Hi Joshua – thanks for your interest. We don’t have any vacancies at the moment, but when we do we look through CVs people have left with us. We’ve just taken somebody on though so we’re not likely to be looking for a while. Good luck with your search.

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