Well we’ve all had a nice warm-up wedding this year, so if you’re getting married in 2011, chances are you’ll be busy preparing!


Sadly we at mookau can’t lend you a limited edition Aston Martin to drive, or arrange for the the RAF to hover overhead (although it occurs to me that if you chose to get married at sea and a storm blew up unexpectedly they would probably turn up – don’t tell them it was my idea though.) What we can do is provide you will some of the little trimmings to complete the look of your tables, and, of course, mookau is a great place to come for gifts for your bridesmaids and other guests.


As an independent retailer we’ll give your order our personal attention. If you need lots of any one particular item we can order them especially for you, and of course we can offer you a discount on large quantities.


One of our most popular ideas for wedding tables are our heart shaped card holders, which are perfect for name holders at your wedding table. Available in cream, light pink and rust, they are an elegant way to label places at your tables, and of course they can be kept by your guests afterwards as an extra reminder of your happy day; they’re great for holding photos and memos too.

Wedding table heart name holder


Also popular as table decorations are our heart tea light holders. The candle sits inside the heart and their gentle light comes through the holes. As the flame flickers, the patches of light dance on the table. These hearts are 30cm tall and look great in the centre of your guests tables.


Heart t-light holder for wedding tables


Our clips are always popular, and especially for applying that finishing touch. The birds and flowers simply clip to whatever you want to attach them too. The heart name holders look great with a little bird or flower attached.



Whatever you need to make your wedding tables look lovely, we probably have it in stock, or can get it for you, and of course we offer discounts if you’re buying a few of anything – please contact Kitty, or call in to the shop – we’d love to help you get the wedding you want.
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